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Getting to know "The Prescriptions"
Rob Dahmes, MD
Rob Dahmes, MD, bass player and vocalist, has performed on the stage with various well-known entertainers, such as Johnny Rivers, the Blues Magoos, the Dave Clark Five, Mac Davis, Irma Thomas and Dr. John.  Rob is also known for his gig at the Playboy Club in the French Quarter with the "Leaves of Grass" in the late 60's.  He founded "the Prescriptions" in 1988.  He is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist practicing on the Westbank.

Fr. Ron Clingenpeel

Fr.  Ron Clingenpeel is an Episcopal priest who has been a musician most all of his life and has played with such bands as The Midnight Suns, Joint, Saddletramp, 3rd Quarter Prophets, and has a group playing American Folk Classics -- Fr. Ron & Friends.    Over the years he has played guitar, harmonica and sung both in and outside of the Church and has composed liturgical music as well as blues and Zydeco tunes.  “Fr. Ron” can be heard on WWOZ radio in New Orleans, usually filling in on the blues shows, local music shows, and “What’s New?”   As a priest he works as a consultant within the Episcopal Church, but he says he’s retired.  

Glenn Hedgpeth, MD

Glenn Hedgpeth, MD, keyboard player and vocalist, is a long-time resident of New Orleans. Glenn has written a number of copyrighted pieces of music, played solo at many private parties and currently works with composing, sampling, sequencing and MIDI.  He adds "high-tech" to classic rock.  Glenn's "day gig" is as a Gastroenterologist, in private practice on the North Shore.

R. John Wakeman, PhD

John Wakeman, PhD, drummer and percussionist, has played professionally since the 60's with such noted local bands as the "Canadian Legends" and "Nouvelle Orleans".  He is noted for a tremendous variety of percussion styles and adds a "classic groove" to the band.  John is a clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist practicing uptown.

Ms. Kelly Shaw

Kelly Shaw started singing at a young age and has never looked back.  A former Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Deputy, she is now pursuing a career in Counseling.  As a songstress, she has honed her singing skills with rock and roll, soul, rhythm and blues doing music by Stevie Nicks, Etta James, Patsy Kline and others.  An incredible voice and incredible talent, you need to see and hear her to believe she is THAT good!

Vicki Dahmes, PhD, is Rob's wife and "rides herd" over the "Scripts".  She is Provost at Our Lady of Holy Cross College.

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